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Barney Vaughan, the charismatic Nicaraguan entrepreneur who is director of Ciudad Hacienda los Altos, started his banking career in 1973. Many years later he ventured into more diverse projects, like breeding Peruvian horses and Red Angus cattle on land located in Los Altos de Masaya, Nicaragua. The cool breeze and pretty view of the Masaya Volcano from this area inspired him to develop the residential community of Ciudad Hacienda los Altos as the ideal place to live, conveniently near the capital while retaining the tranquility of country living.

In his capacity as director of this real estate project, Mr. Vaughan wants to make sure that the company exercises corporate social responsibility. This is why Ciudad Hacienda los Altos supports ANF (the American Nicaraguan Foundation.) ANF is a non-profit entity that helps thousands of needy Nicaraguans daily, and Mr. Vaughan is a founding member of its board of directors.

Mr. Vaughan says he supports this foundation because, “ANF exclusively helps the needy of our country, which is the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere. This organization is also very transparent and efficient. They fully disclose all their financial statements every year and of every dollar raised, 98 cents go to help those in need in Nicaragua. On top of that, they support self-sustaining projects, which allows them to help even more people down the line.”

If you would like to know more about all that ANF does for the needy of Nicaragua, visit their website On this site you will also be able to give your financial support to such an important organization, and help them keep aiding the less fortunate in Nicaragua.

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